Winning events: Explore EP’s 7 tech tips

December 9, 2016

EVENTtech 2016 Hyatt Media Wall

There is no question that technology enhances a live brand interaction….. luring the ideal audience, telling a story and creating memorable moments. However, before you fall into the most common technology traps, check out Exhibit Partners’ seven ways to avoid costly mistakes…

We recently participated in EVENTtech 2016 as part of our ongoing mission to stay current and relevant as we provide event technology solutions for our clients. During this event, it became apparent that we are not the only agency who has been asked to fit the technology to the event.

Our response to clients? Do not be distracted by that shiny new technology just because you want to be the first on the block to use it. It may ultimately end up being the way to go, but check out our seven questions to ask before you take the leap.

  1. Will it communicate your key messaging? Asphalt 8 may be the latest version of what’s hot in racing games and it may even give your visitors a few minutes of fun, but it likely won’t tell them what you want them to know about your brand.
  2. Does it fit your budget? A custom VR experience may be out of your budget range, but with stock games that can be re-skinned, crowd-sourcing and other creative options, you could get the exclusive feel you are looking for at a reduced budget.
  3. Is it engaging for the participant? If education is one of your goals, the key points should be presented in an entertaining way, maybe with the option of earning rewards for learning as they go.
  4. Is it simple enough for the average user? Whether in a B2B or B2C environment, the interaction time is limited. Can the user catch on quickly enough to enjoy the experience without feeling like they need a longer learning curve?
  5. Does it work with your event logistics? If you’ve invested in curved OLED screens, are they protected and is the environment optimal for viewing? If you are counting on an internet connection, have you planned for your own high density access point?
  6. Is it shareable? Yes, there’s the obvious, is the experience shareable via the social media platforms of your audience and your company…but also it is desirable that the audience can communicate to each other what they just experienced or that the experience is interesting for bystanders as well.
  7. Does it perform the measurement functions that you need?If you are using a photo technology to encourage social media sharing, does it collect the metrics that you need to make informed decision in the future? If you are implementing RFID technologies, do you have a success measurement in place?

In addition to not always aligning with your brand message, there are other risks with choosing the latest and greatest. Technologies can improve rapidly from the first release and the price point typically drops quickly. A year or two after its release, a technology can still be fresh to most of your audience and it may be more affordable and effective. Some of the best uses of event technology seen this year at EVENTtech were actually tools that have been existence for a few years.

One last bonus consideration…does the technology have an after-life? If you have invested in equipment, software or digital content, can it be updated for repeat use or re-purposed to extend it’s shelf life? Exhibit Partners took the trade show floor digital content we developed for one client and transferred it to a sales team tool for mobile use throughout the year. More impact and more value for the investment…

Even with these seven valuable tips, event technology can be overwhelming to navigate so the first decision might be choosing the right live brand engagement partner. Exhibit Partners would love to hear from you!

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