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EP and the University of California Berkeley partnership started with the Athlete Fueling Station and continued through multiple other projects. UC-Berkeley has an amazing history and reputation, and its beautiful campus is a great spot for an EP project. We are proud to be a part of the UC-Berkeley community.

Athlete Fueling Station

The first EP project on campus is located at California Memorial Stadium. Our team designed, developed and built an on-site athletic Fueling Station that provided athletes easy access to food and drinks selected by the department’s nutritionists. The small space near the locker rooms proved challenging, but our designers were able to create a great looking space that integrated the storage, equipment and flow needed to be successful.

Nutrition Bar

For student athletes finding time to get healthy food can be tricky. The UC-Berkeley athletic department knows how important it is that this active group get the nutrition they need to keep on top of their game. EP was happy to help support this effort by partnering to design and build a Nutrition Bar placed in one of the many on campus facilities. The front side provided an area where athletes could grab a quick snack while picking up current guidance from athletic staff. The back side gave staff a convenient administration space that wasn’t hidden away and hard for athletes to find.