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As the industry leader in an industry that runs on making people feel taken care of, Hyatt’s choice to work with EP makes perfect sense. EP’s focus on partnership and collaboration fits perfectly with Hyatt’s core philosophy of service. The combined EP and Hyatt team have tackled dozens of shows over the years across the country in every type of venue. The key to their repeated success is a shared understanding of the industry, audiences and goals for every single event.


EP and Hyatt love to show off their partnership every year at the largest event dedicated to business travel. GBTA is an incredibly dynamic environment, which should be expected when the audience is made up of people who not only travel for a living but do so to support the travel industry. Repeated success at an event with an audience that is made up of the world’s most dedicated and experienced people in business hospitality is a point of pride for the Hyatt and EP team.

Hyatt Meditation Activation

GBTA ’19 Meditation Activation