Jack Link's Logo, Red Background
Jack Link’s credits impactful trade show exhibits as a critical component to their success as the leader in the protein snack category. EP is proud to have been a part of their success over the last 10 years, taking both live event and retail projects from concept to multiyear asset management for both the main Jack Link’s brand and their natural line of products Lorissa’s Kitchen.

Jack Link’s NACS

Jack Link’s has had a long-term presence at NACS, and EP has helped them make the most of each show year after year. As a show that focuses on convenience and fuel retailing, the NACS show floor is by nature a competitive environment. Balancing exhibit size, structure, technology and activation investments to get maximum impact creates a tricky formula. Holding yearly reviews and planning sessions ensures EP and Jack Link’s have a shared vision on upcoming strategies. This vision allows us to quickly determine where to reuse or repurpose existing assets and where to supplement with new pieces.

Jack Link’s NPEW & NPEE

Natural Products Expo East and Natural Products Expo West are bookend shows that focus on natural products and foods. The Jack Link’s brand, along with sibling brand Lorissa’s Kitchen, came to EP to create brand experiences with a focus on this specialized audience. By sharing a single footprint, the two brands were able to take advantage of the more generous standards and allowed an island space while controlling their overall investments.

Lorissa’s Kitchen Outdoor Activation

With a great brand like Lorissa’s Kitchen the best way to gain recognition is to simply bring the product to where the people are! EP supported Lorissa’s Kitchen by developing a branded display and sampling station. A look that plays off of classic farmer’s stands with a modern interpretation.