Jack Link's Logo, Red Background
As the biggest brand in protein snacks Jack Link’s has a bigfoot-sized impact in retail environments. As a partner of more than ten years EP has helped Jack Link’s explore and develop multiple retail concepts across the country. EP’s appreciation for how people experience branded environments and deep understanding of the Jack Link’s brand allows us to quickly provide ideas that fit any potential space and concept.

Terrible Herbst

Terrible Herbst is a brand of convenience stores in the Las Vegas area. Like all things Vegas, they decided to create a location that could be a destination unto itself. Their most significant product brands were each given the opportunity to build their own store within a store. Jack Link’s oversized presence in the convenience industry gave them a primary location and EP a chance to build a first of its kind Jack Link’s experience.

Jack Link’s Smokehouse & Tap, Concept Design

A big part of staying in front of the competition is to explore new territory. EP helped Jack Link’s explore the idea of a stand-alone restaurant and retail venue in downtown Minneapolis’ & Mayo Clinic square. The building is home to the training facilities for the Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx. While Jack Link’s didn’t pursue the concept, they did build their offices in the same building and many of the ideas were used when creating their store within a store in the Terrible Herbst flagship outside of Las Vegas.