decopac exhibit
decopac exhibit
decopac cake design exhibit
decopac interactive exhibit

DecoPac’s challenge

DecoPac, an established supplier of cake decorating products, was well known throughout the industry as a vendor of top-quality products. However, many of their customers were unaware of the company’s other offerings, such as customized bakery solutions designed to boost sales and profitability.

Repositioning the brand

Partnering with DecoPac, we explored ways to position the company as a solution provider, not just a product vendor. To help encourage their customers to learn about DecoPac’s other offerings, we designed an entirely new exhibit focused more on the company’s industry expertise and less on actual products.

Flexible and easily enhanced

The resulting exhibit was designed with a focus on flexibility, allowing DecoPac to make enhancements as the brand continues to evolve. Eight new messaging areas were included, providing excellent opportunities for them to communicate with their customers. And fun, interactive elements were added, such as hosting a cake-decorating competition in the space.

Communicating expertise

By reducing the amount of actual products featured in the exhibit and focusing on their expertise, DecoPac began the process of repositioning their brand. Many customers said they never realized the breadth of services the company provides. With their new brand focus, DecoPac has an excellent opportunity to expand their reach in the industry.

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