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High-profile product launch

As the major spokesperson for the 2014 Home Run Derby during the All-Star Weekend, Gillette was planning a high-profile launch of their newest razor, the Fusion ProGlide with Flexball Technology. Gillette’s agency reached out to Exhibit Partners seeking an activation partner.

Gillette’s challenge

The plan was to invite 150 fans to try out their new product on the centerfield porch of Target Field. Fans would also have the opportunity to take photos with Hall of Fame inductee Frank Thomas. The event needed to be highly visible from the entire stadium.

Complicating factors

Exhibit Partner’s CEO Matt Williams received a call five days before the event. There wasn’t a design, and MLB had strict regulations and deadlines that needed to be met in order to gain approval. We rose to the occasion, leveraging rental inventory and creating a concept complete with CAD drawings.

Activation > Logistics > Deployment

With the concept and budget approved by the client and MLB, we jumped into action, creating graphic files for overnight production, organizing on-site power for hot towels/hot water and scheduling set-up labor. Strong winds and heavy rains complicated matters further. Increased safety precautions and added reinforcements were needed to keep the structure grounded and safe.

Results: A Home Run

Despite the rain, set up began at 5:00 am the day of the event, and the dismantle and load-out were completed by 3:00 am the next day. We ensured a smooth event by organizing on-site staff to keep the area clean and dry. Timely execution and impeccable communication by everyone involved led to a hugely successful event with great media coverage and expanded brand awareness.

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