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Hyatt’s challenge

As a large, international company, Hyatt faces the challenge of maintaining a consistent message across a range of shows and markets. To maintain their brand integrity, Hyatt needs to communicate their core values of authenticity, hospitality, sophistication and dedicated service in every interaction.

Cohesive look

Hyatt attends shows around the globe and has a wide range of exhibiting needs—from 10×10 pop-ups to large-format island exhibits. Our solution was to develop a program of custom-built, self-contained modules that brought a consistent look to every configuration.

Versatile deployment

This comprehensive system of elements, from interactive kiosks to meeting rooms and overhead signage, was designed with versatility in mind and can be deployed as needed for each show.

Result: a stronger presence

Respecting existing budgets, we dramatically improved Hyatt’s show presence. The exhibit was featured at AIBTM in a 20×40 space and included motion graphics, a custom header, interactive technology and ample meeting space.

Bringing the brand to life

An open line of communication with our partners at Hyatt allowed us to develop a look and feel that exemplified the company’s commitment to hospitality, style and quality. We created a visual language that would support an entire trade show program—not just a one-off exhibit.

A long-term partnership

Our goal at Exhibit Partners is to know your brand inside and out, bringing you better value over the long term. Because of this commitment, Hyatt came to us when they needed to develop additional marketing solutions—both on and off the trade show floor.

Video production

Hyatt needed to produce a series of short videos highlighting individual hotel brands, but didn’t have the internal expertise to complete the project. We took it on, acting as an extension of their marketing arm due to our deep understanding of the brand.

Multi-use deliverables

Leveraging existing collateral to minimize costs, we produced a series of short, versatile videos that have been used in exhibits, presentations and one-on-one sales meetings.

Streamlining the sales process

The sales arena can be complex—so we partnered with Hyatt to simplify the process. By developing a web-based sales app, we created an online platform for Hyatt’s sales team that supports their work both on and off the trade show floor.

What our partners say

“Exhibit Partners did everything they said they were going to do. They exceeded our expectations. Hyatt does around 60 customer events a year and with our busy schedules, we needed a partner that could be our advisor and help us make crucial trade show decisions. The entire EP team is very open. We can call anyone at any time to discuss upcoming event details, and they continue to provide us with personalized service and the attention to detail we need. EP worked within our budget parameters and through the process delivered on their promises…service, quality, partnership and creativity.”

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