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jack links exhibit
jack links exhibit
jack links exhibit
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The Jack Link’s challenge

Jack Link’s is a widely recognized brand of protein snacks—the biggest player in their category. But for the company to grow, Jack Link’s needs to broaden the appeal of their products and expand beyond their core demographic.

Evolving the brand

In addition to designing a space that allowed for extensive sampling and customer meetings, Jack Link’s needed us to help them execute a new branding effort aimed at expanding their reach. Our 10-year partnership with them translated to a strong understanding of their goals and a solid foundation for evolving the brand.

Our response

We revamped the Jack Link’s exhibit to convey a stronger sense of fun and adventure, adding new media features and interactive elements to get customers to engage with the brand.

Promoting engagement on the show floor

We also handled the talent management for Jack Link’s, bringing hostesses to the space to further branding efforts with an interactive sampling program.

What our partners think

“Exhibit Partners is hands down the most thorough, responsive and dedicated partner we’ve ever worked with. They help us go from concept to final product without having us do all the creative thinking. The design team is inventive and easy to work with on booth modifications. It’s nice to have a partner where we can say, ‘We want it this big and this tall and this wide’ and they do it! It͛s always been a very positive experience.”
–Adam Warden, Jack Link’s

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