zevia exhibit design
zevia tradeshow exhibit
zevia exhibit
zevia exhibit

Zevia’s challenge

Zevia, a young, fast-growing company, wanted an exhibit for the 2015 NPEW show that looked completely custom—but used 95% rental properties.

Completely different, every time

Zevia aims to create a completely different experience for every show. From live DJs to cocktail parties, Zevia’s guests can always expect something engaging and fun.

Our response

We suggested a “patio party” theme that included meeting spaces, product display areas and large graphic treatments. Working within a pavilion space, themed flooring connected both sides of the exhibit while keeping the aisle free from obstructions.

Custom look, rental elements

Using Moss EZ wall and custom rental elements, we were able to create a unique space for Zevia that showcased their product, while staying predominantly rental.

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