caldrea tradeshow exhibit
caldrea exhibit design

Caldrea brings passion, artistry, and expertise to each of their products. With that in mind, Exhibit Partners created a space to reflect this commitment and quality. We wanted to keep an open space that would give plenty of room for attendees to explore, helping differentiate each of Caldrea’s products along the way. The result was a gorgeously lit, well accented exhibit that was as striking and memorable as Caldrea’s products.

To accurately portray their brand and values, Exhibit Partners utilized the following materials and elements: prominent, subtly accented branding to ensure that attendees from far and wide could see Caldrea’s name; FSC certified woods and low VOC laminates in order to create a stark contrast between the earthy woods and the light whites; wood effect vinyl flooring to set the exhibit apart from the rest of the convention; integrated lighting to make every aspect pop sharper; and layered artwork in classic framing to create a homey feeling all around.

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